Published 2020-12-29

Paymob new IP Whitelist action


Dear all, In light of our commitment for offering highly available payments infrastructure and providing a better experience, we have added a new IP address to our servers, to create a smoother flow, resilient environment, and a seamless experience for everyone using our services.

The Paymob team kindly asks you to inform your respective technical team to add a new IP address to your IP Whitelist, to grant Paymob sending requests to your servers through the secondary IP.

The new IP address will start operating on Friday, 8th of January, so please make sure it's added to your whitelist before this date.

PLEASE NOTE: If the IP address is live and has not been added to your whitelist before that deadline, our servers will remain blocked, and therefore TRANSACTIONS WILL BE BLOCKED. So it's very important to allow access on our secondary IP before the deadline (Friday, 8th of January).

Below are the only IPs we communicate with our partners: (The new one)

PS: Please make sure both are whitelisted


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